My Passion

My passion is basketball, it’s so much fun to play when I feel myself dribbling down the court it will focus me and it blocks out everything and all I can think about is me shooting the ball. One of my favorite games is when I was in 4th grade it was the championship game and we won but in 5th grade (witch was last year) we were in the championship game again but we lost by 2 points. It was a really good game but I learned that you don’t always win every game and sometimes its ok to lose.                                                                                                                                                                             Basketball is a team sport if you want to play it you must commit to it. There is only one way to play and you have to play it right. if you get 3 fowls in a game you get a warning but if you get 7 fowls you are out for the rest of the game. Personally I love to play basketball in any weather rain or snow I wouldn’t care. I have played on many basketball teams some of them are Infant Jesus, Empire, 91, and Holy Cross. I have played on church leagues and competitive leagues. My favorite team was 91 it was a competitive team we have won more games than losing games.

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