Lisa Leslie

In 2001 Lisa Leslie was the first WNBA player to win the regular season MVP the All-Star Game MVP and the playoff MVP in the same season. In 2002 she was the WNBA all time leading scorer and was named MVP of the WNBA Championship. She was a member of the gold-winning U.S. Olympic teams in 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008. She retired from the WNBA in 2009.In 2009. Since her retirement, she has worked as a sports commentator and analyst for channels ABC, NBC and Fox Sports. Leslie returned to her Sparks team in 2011. She is now one of the team’s owners and has also decided to share her knowledge and skills with others through the Lisa
Leslie Basketball & Leadership Academy.
Lisa Leslie is married to Michael Lockwood. They have two children  Michael Joseph and Lauren Jolie. Lisa got a contract with the WNBA in 1997  becoming one of the new league’s first players. She joined the Los Angeles Sparks and had an awesome career with the team. In 2001, she was the first WNBA player to win the regular season MVP, the All-Star Game MVP and the playoff MVP in the same season. She also led the Los Angeles Sparks to two back-to-back WNBA Championships—in 2001 and 2002.  Also her amazing  performance with the Sparks she returned to Olympic competition three more times. She helped the U.S. team win gold in 2000 and in 2004.
She got two more WNBA MVP honors in 2004 and 2006. She sat out of the 2007 WNBA season because she was pregnant with her first child but she wasn’t done with basketball. Lisa returned to the court in 2008. She also earned her fourth and final gold medal in women’s basketball that summer at the Olympics in Beijing, China. In 2009, she said that she was retiring from professional basketball. She scored more than 6,200 points during her twelve years with the WNBA. She also holds the record of being the first woman in the league to make a slam dunk during a real game. In her final year at University of Southern California, She was named the 1994 National Player of the Year. She made her first trip to the Olympics in 1996 held in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Helping The Helpless 2

Some major accomplishments so far in my project are we send out all of our emails we talked to both of our mentors and they are on board also we talked to the principal about when we can use the gym and all the stuff that goes with it. What I  feel all about this is excited, happy, and worried.

Our December goals is get health forms and talk to the board about it also to make sure we have a set date for the gym. We are going to achieve these goals by stang on task when we have the time to work and stay organized. 

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Holiday Fun

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Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because you spend time with your family and celebrate Jesus’s birthday. When i’m with my dad’s family in New York we have fun traditions some are we have a big feast which is seven courses of  appetizers, Italian food, fish, wine and cheese, chicken, turkey, and dessert. We also watch football then open presents this usually lasts from 4:00 to 11:30. When I go to my mom’s family in Missouri we eat dinner around 5:oo after that we go downstairs have dessert and open presents. After that we just hangout for a while then everyone leaves.

Thanksgiving is another one of my favorite holiday’s because you spend time with your family, have good food and give thanks for all that you have. Some traditions that I have is we always have the same food like green bean casserole, stuffing, mash potatoes, rolls, turkey, corn casserole, cranberry sauce and much more. In order to make these recipes  you need lots of ingredients.

The last holiday I choose was Easter. I chose Easter because it celebrates lent. Some traditions are Easter egg hunts, a big dinner we also stay outside almost all day. Also we have a big sleepover and stay up all night. Some things we do at the sleepover is nails, hair dye, hair style, movies, and lot’s more.

Helping the Helpless

Our project is where we are doing a basketball and volleyball camp to raise donations for homeless people around us.

I’m feeling nervous about my project because what if we don’t get it finished in time. For example we have to write, edit, and sent out a lot of emails by a specific date. Another emotion is excited because I get to help people and meet them. For example when we go to a homeless shelter we get to meet a lot of new people. The last emotion is worried because I hope we can do it all right. For example we can’t mess up with talking to principal about the project.

For the month of November, my major goals are sending out all the emails, getting the date set up for the gym.  

See my Visual Aide for more information.

School Is Here

In this topic we are talking about school, I usually start school at 7:30 and end at 2:35   I start my day off by going to first period we are learning about the Maya, Aztecs and Olmec’s. Then in second period we are learning about writing third period we are learning about blogging. Forth period we are learning about atoms and fifth period we are learning about fractions. I get 2 breaks everyday the first one is lunch which is about 30 minutes and then my second break which is technically my last is 20 minutes to do homework and any other classwork that has to be done.

In my whole entire school year I go to school 175 days this year. The seasons we get out of school are Fall break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and snow days. My schedule is 1st social studies, 2nd ELA, 3rd PBL, 4th science, 5th math then I have lunch and advisory 6th I have careers, and 7th I have band. Usually after school I have basketball monday though thursday and then on saturday. In my free time I also like to sew and bake but my two main focuses are first school then basketball.

gray middle school

Ryle high school

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a very important holiday its when you spend time with your family and be thankful for what you have. Every year for thanksgiving my family has a few traditions some of them are very year I ether fly to New York, Long island or Missouri, Kanas City because thats were my family is and were my parents grew up. Another one is before we have dinner we go around the table and tell what we are giving thanks for also we say grace before we eat. The last tradition my family does is after dinner we all gather in the living room and talk for a little while about how our life is going.

My family has tons of recipes all the way back from the 19’00s like all the things you eat whether its cornbread or mash potatoes they ether come from the store or one of your family members make it. Whenever I go to thanksgiving my grammy makes every thing like mash potatoes, stuffing, turkey,green bean casserole, corn casserole and much more. You can get recipes from the internet from the store or one of your family members or friends you can also get them from farmers or store owners.Thanksgiving Recipes

The day after thanksgiving is black friday were there is the biggest sales ever in the whole entire year my family dosent usually go to black friday but a lot of people do. I know a lot of people that go I’ve bent here once and its crazy. There is about 1,000 people there and you can get lost very easily warning don’t bring your child to black friday your child could get lost very easily. Also one more tip when you go make sure you have your keys and wallet because you can’t leave the store without paying for your items or if you don’t you could get arrested.Macys

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Spooky House

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Once there was a house on Canal Street in the Bronx. There were a lot of robberies in that one neighbor hood. Kids were running one house to another. The school buses were worn down and worst of all, there was murder and gun shots. There was graffiti on the walls and windows were shattered and broken. Everything was worn down. You go into a creepy old house and see blue goo on the wall.  You hear a noise, but see no one.

But the real question is what happened to the people that live there ??  Comment below.

Activity 4

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Halloween Night

Activity 1

In this topic, I learned that you can use CC-licensed materials as long as you follow the license conditions. I still need to know that when you get older, if you don’t follow the CC-license conditions, then you could go to jail. If you were in college, than you could get kicked out of college. This information is helpful to me because now I know never to do that and won’t get in trouble for it. I am very confident in making sure that I give the appropriate attributions to people.

Activity 2

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Its dark, its scary,

I’ve been thinking about it all night.

The colors make me want to scream.

I see something, but I don’t.

Its scaring me inside.

All I want is my mom.

I don’t feel safe here.

The rustic feeling is giving me chills.

My Avatar

Face your manga
I choose this avatar because it represents me in any way possible. It descries me as a person in real life and in fake life. I love my avatar because it has my 2 favorite colors pink and blue it also has my blonde hair and my green eyes. In my free time I like to play basketball, swim, and play softball.

My Passion

My passion is basketball, it’s so much fun to play when I feel myself dribbling down the court it will focus me and it blocks out everything and all I can think about is me shooting the ball. One of my favorite games is when I was in 4th grade it was the championship game and we won but in 5th grade (witch was last year) we were in the championship game again but we lost by 2 points. It was a really good game but I learned that you don’t always win every game and sometimes its ok to lose.                                                                                                                                                                             Basketball is a team sport if you want to play it you must commit to it. There is only one way to play and you have to play it right. if you get 3 fowls in a game you get a warning but if you get 7 fowls you are out for the rest of the game. Personally I love to play basketball in any weather rain or snow I wouldn’t care. I have played on many basketball teams some of them are Infant Jesus, Empire, 91, and Holy Cross. I have played on church leagues and competitive leagues. My favorite team was 91 it was a competitive team we have won more games than losing games.

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